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First Officer Reb

Rebel was a black lab/setter mix, and Lane's trusty sidekick for fifteen years.  Rebel was aboard the Steel Rebel when Lane first raised sails on her. Rebel supervised the the construction of the Norfolk Rebel from a shady spot in the marina yard. Through the years Rebel swordfished, salvaged, towed, and toured aboard the Norfolk Rebel along side his beloved master Lane.  Rebel is probably the only dog to have circumnavigated the state of Virginia, and perhaps the envy of all dogs because of his charge account with the Willoughby Spit ice cream truck. Rebel was a good ol' dog, and he and Lane shared many wonderful times.  Just think of all the stories Rebel could tell!

If you happen to sail by Thimble Shoals Light at the base of the Chesapeake Bay, throw an oreo cookie over the side for Rebel and a spot of rum for Lane. Lane's and Rebel's ashes swirl together around this light, and their spirits welcome all who pass.
picture of Lane's old dog Rebel
Lane's Good Ol' Dog Rebel

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